Cinderela no país das Maravilhas

A fine site

Suicide in a depressed brain

on March 9, 2015

Nothing that I can write can ease the pain.
The last 3 days in bed again, ressenting everything and everyone.

An agocencric exercize of misery.
I don’t chose it – but people have an hard time to believe in it – that I chose to be unhappy – that’s what they think.

damaged2I just can’t.
I can’t keep seeing slamming doors, To have to deal with all kind of lack of human respect.
Because until now human nature convinced me that I am an human, therefore I have the right to be treated as one.
But that doesn’t happen. Many times, many times. And i can’t just let go
I want to go, to die.
Die before I am 40.
I am not doing anything here.
Pain is not a path – that’s why I want to leave.


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